• Santa María de la Sierra Monastery
    Segovia, Castille
The firm ABBATTE produces handmade textiles using natural fibers of the highest quality. Its designs spring from the structural effects that the fabrics generate.

All ABBATTE products are woven in the Cistercian Abbey of Santa María de la Sierra, each piece carefully produced by local weavers. ABBATTE products are artistic pieces for the every day life.

In the same Abbey where the textiles are produced, the company frequently puts together seminars, courses and conferences on different topics related to the world of textiles, fashion and color.

ABBATTE also boasts a specialized botanical garden where natural dyeing plants are harvested.
The Santa María de la Sierra Monastery is placed on the boundary between and oak and a pine tree forest in the Segovian mountainside of the Guadarrama Mountain range.

The monastery was built between 1220 and 1270. It was disentailed in 1836 and is, since 1931, a National Monument.

Next to the monastery there is a newly constructed space that holds the textile workshop and the courses and conference room.
ABBATTE springs out of the collaboration of a group of highly dedicated professionals who have had extensive experience in the fields of textiles, fashion and color.

Their profound understanding of either the creation of handmade textile products or the use of color is evident in the fineness of each ABBATTE piece.