ABBATTE courses and conferences

ABBATTE takes special care of the courses and conferences related to textiles. In particular, the series of short courses “History through everyday life. Costume and furniture” stands out. This course is divided into sessions dedicated to a specific period offering a journey through its costume and furniture.

With these events, ABBATTE gives the participants the chance to submerge themselves for a day in a specific historical period. The clothing and the furniture function as a reflection of the mindset, tastes and customs of a particular society and are fundamental aspects that allow us to understand a broader cultural reality.

These sessions will be carried out at ABBATTE´s headquarters, next to the ruins of the Cistercian monastery, Santa María de la Sierra (Collado Hermoso), on the mountainside of the Sierra de Guadarrama and at a short distance from Segovia.

In this privileged place, with exceptional views of the Castillian lands, those attending the courses can have a very special day submerging themselves in the culture of a particular age and enjoy a breakfast of typical sweets and pastries from the convents and a lunch inspired by that period. They will also visit the monastery and the textile and dye workshops as well as taking a stroll through the dye plant garden.

A genuine experience.

Conducted courses

  • Everyday life in 18th Century Europe. Furniture and Costume. November 2013
  • Dress and interior decoration during the first half of the 19th Century. February 2014
  • The tradition and the avant-garde of Europe in the second half of the 19th Century. Costume, Jewellery and Furniture. October 2014
  • Medieval furniture, costume and jewellery. A view from the Santa María de la Sierra Monastery. February 2015
  • The awakening of man to civilisation. Furniture, fabrics and costume. May 2016
  • Recreating the Classic World through its furniture and costume. October 2016.

Upcoming courses

  • An exploration of Renaissance dress and furniture – April 22nd 2017
  • Practical Basketry Techniques – May 6th 2017
  • The 17th Century and the triumph of the Baroque. Costume and furniture