Blankets are also for summer

Why are blankets also for summer?

During summer we are constantly outside, and on long summer nights there is no greater feeling than wrapping yourself up in a blanket made of natural fibres to be able to carry on enjoying those cool nights on a boat, a terrace, in a garden or even a forest.

Mantas para el verano

That’s why we shouldn’t think of a blanket as being just for winter, there is such a thing as a summer blanket, made from alpaca and silk. These blankets especially, which are made from natural fibres, give us a feeling of comfort and insulate us against the outside temperature, making them perfect for protecting us from the humidity on nights spent near the sea or on a mountain.

The combination of alpaca and silk in the same ligament creates a natural fibre that is very unique due to its animal origin, softness, lightness and comfort.

The blankets that we produce at ÁBBATTE are made using one of the oldest methods and techniques. Although some changes have been made over time, the process of making these pieces is still the same. It is a long and complicated process which requires a lot of dedication and skill and is carried out by a group of local weavers.

To make these summer blankets, first we choose spun alpaca and silk, with which we prepare the threads and arrange them parallel to each other on the loom, this is known as the warp. Other threads, known as the weft, are intertwined with the warp threads, together they will gradually shape the piece in the form of a blanket.

Very different results can be obtained from the same warp, depending on the weft that it is combined with. When weaving, the colour of the weft always stands out more, creating very different pieces even though they share the same warp.

The latest warps that we have set up in the ÁBBATTE workshop have been in natural and powdery colours, strengthening the philosophy of our brand, where high quality is evident in every blanket. The pieces may also show certain inconsistencies that reveal the weaver’s handiwork, making each piece unique and unrepeatable.

Text: María Olmos Mochales
Photo: Pablo Gómez-Ogando