Bon appétit!!

As they say in Vogue living, summer is “The delight of the garden”. To contribute to this concept, we at ÁBBATTE propose organising get togethers with family and friends around a table dressed with pieces by ÁBBATTE, such as this placemat and serviette set, hand woven by a weaver from Collado Hermoso (Castilla) using the best, natural, plant origin fibres.

Bon appetit!
At ÁBBATTE, natural simplicity predominates, captured to perfection by Spanish Vogue in this image of a summery table under the theme “Eco mind”, in which they give us some healthy and refreshing recipes accompanied with natural decoration.

In perfect harmony with the choice of seasonal vegetables, grown in organic gardens in town centres or in the countryside, our pieces are hand woven using natural fibres. In this case it is a placemat and serviette set, woven on a handloom with mixed, pale green and blue linen.

The pieces by ÁBBATTE reflect an engagement with the setting and its people and that’s why its admirers appreciate the value of the unique. In a world in which the textile industry offers serial products and flawless finishes, we offer objects with soul that showcase our individuality. It is for this reason that we produce high quality textile pieces for everyday life that are unrelated to fashion and temporality. At ÁBBATTE, we integrate ancient textile techniques with a contemporary aesthetic in response to a new lifestyle, with the aim of conserving the artisanal, historical and cultural heritage of the area of Castilla.

Given the handmade nature of each piece, they are unique and designed with a personalised pattern and bespoke measurements for each case. The pieces made for the home are blankets, table linen, bed headboards, curtains, pillows and rugs, always using the best natural fibres brought from all over the world.

The designs of the pieces are ultimately based on the structural effects of the materials, in its spinning and its colour, which suggest a design that is schematic but very evocative.

Text: María Olmos Mochales
Photo: Marta Muñoz – Calero Calderón