Store & Showroom
Calle de Villanueva, 27, local.
28001 Madrid (Spain).
T +(34) 916.225.530

Workshop and Showroom.
Monasterio Santa María de la Sierra.
Collado Hermoso. Segovia (Spain).
T +(34) 921.062.063

For guided visits, contact with “La Matita”
T +(34) 921.403.077


Each piece can  be custom-made in specific measurements. The tablecloths can have a length up to 20m and rugs up to 40m. All the widths are available for both products as it is obtained by joining together paths of fabric.  Cushions can also be done in all sizes.

The team is made by professionals with long careers in the textile field, Elena Goded Rambaud, Lecturer of UNED, director of Textile Craft Workshop course from 1990 until 2010 and founder of ÁBBATTE. Camila Lanzas Goded, art historian and product designer. Valentina Vlaicu, store manager, accounting and organization. Cristina de la Guardia, in charge of cultural affairs and institutional relations. Miguel Cerezales Rotaeche in charge of liaison and natural dyes. And the weavers team formed by Ana Isabel López Ayuso, Ana María Martín Gil, Cristina Escribano Mendez y Mari Carmen Gimeno de Nicolás.

Ábbatte was awarded on the X edition of the National Craftsmanship Awards, on the entrepreneurship category.