From a garage to a home

Japanese Panels

Japanese Panels

This is the first Japanese panel project using a special kind of silk, a material which allows the view to pass through the fabric, reflecting the subtlety of its texture and shine.

This silk, which is the main decorative element in the space, gives the setting a feeling of calmness and serenity which are highly valued in a house in the centre of Madrid. The light filtered by the silk and the soothing decoration of the space make it a peaceful haven where you can get away without having to travel.

This home, converted from an old garage in Madrid, has become a perfect place to escape from the city’s fast-paced life and live close to the tranquility of nature’s botanical air. The green of the polished concrete and the garden that can be glimpsed through the fabrics provide us with the nature that is seldom found in the centre of a great city.

When the thread of natural silk is extracted from the cocoon, it is made up of two filaments of protein (keratin) covered in a waxy product which is normally removed. In the case of this spinning, the waxy product is left, giving it a very special feel and volume.

With this fibre, ÁBBATTE makes pieces that have a unique way of behaving. The feel is soft and dry and the look is transparent with a diffused shine.

This fibre is very special due to its lightness and volume which on other occasions has been used in pieces of clothing.

A serene ambience dominates the whole house thanks to the wonderful subtlety of this silk.