Handwoven cushions: textile objects given as a lavish gift

When Spain was under Arab rule, textile objects were traditionally given as a lavish gift. At ÁBBATTE we want to restore this habit, incorporating a series of handwoven, natural silk cushions with velvet, linen or silk backs, into our collection. Each one of them is stuffed with the wool of Pyrenean sheep from Aragon and has a natural cotton inner lining.

Objeto textil tejido a mano

Cushions are one of the most appreciated elements in a house. We take naps on them, they make us feel comfortable while we read or we simply enjoy looking at them as decorative objects, all of which make our house a true reflection of our individuality.

At ÁBBATTE, the clients can get involved and form a part of the development of their own piece. They can choose a unique, natural colour, visit the workshop while the loom where their piece will be woven is being set up, and see how, step by step, a weaver creates their piece, paying careful attention to the details. Allowing them to play a part in the creation and development of their piece means they feel a part of the ÁBBATTE team and at the same time, we will succeed in conquering the hearts of a huge number of our clients.

This is associated with a client who chooses objects to form a part of their day-to-day home life which identify with their values, such as the choice of using ‘selective consumption’ which involves having fewer, but more valuable objects. As a handmade object it is also associated with highly valued current ideas such as the Slow Movement, in which the handmade plays an essential part.

An ÁBBATTE product is one that is born to be with us at all times. Reminding us that the brand that made the piece is associated with a cultural and educational textile project, as is the case at ÁBBATTE.

Photo: Pablo Gómez-Ogando
Text: María Olmos Mochales