Nothing like home

A home should be the space where we find peace, where we are in harmony with our individuality. That’s why it should be a personal, not a uniform space where anybody, and at the same time nobody, could live.

Nada como en casa

At ABBATTE we pay special attention to the right lighting, fragrance and good quality textiles which express the individuality of the person living in it.

A Sunday afternoon in a bright living room, a handwoven rug from natural fibers soft to the touch, inviting us to take off our shoes, a sofa full of comfortable cushions made from hand-made textiles where we can lie down to read a book or look at photographs. If we add a cup of tea to that scenario and light a candle, we will definetly create a special moment. In essence,  is to own less, but to own pieces of higher value.

These days we should be aware of the need to harmonise with the environment, protecting it as the most precious asset we have and being aware of what surrounds us.

A home should be made up of everyday works of art, as much as possible living art pieces which contain a message and create a story. It isn’t necessary to tie ourselves to excess, it is merely a choice each of us can make.

With ABBATTE’s pieces you are familiar with their whole process, from the origin of the natural fibers, the weaver who creates your piece, the way the piece is woven, to the sustainable philosophy behind every step of the process. Even the natural colours that we use in our dye cabin are diffused and evocative colours, that always match while still being unrepeatable and unique.

ABBATTE is capable of creating something truly exquisite and unique that deserves recognition.

Photo: Santiago de Sentmenat
Text: María Olmos Mochales