The abbey
ABBATTE’s headquarters are located in the Monastery of Santa María de la Sierra on the northern side of the Guadarrama mountains in Segovia, along the border of a pine forest and an oak wood. Dating back to the 13th century, it was built in the Cistercian style, during the architectural transition between the Romanesque and Gothic styles. It was constructed in a site that was venerated for being one of the most beautiful in the region. The property was disentailed in the 19th century and eventually abandoned, falling into ruin over the years until it had almost completely disappeared. The abbey’s remaining parts as well as the foundations of rest of the monastery have only recently been excavated and restored.
The site
The monastery is annexed to a newly constructed space, where both the workshop and the conference rooms are located.
Botanical garden
Also in the proximity of the abbey we are growing dyeing plants that make up an specialized botanical garden in which only dying species are present due to their relationship with the textile world.

The main goal of the garden is to spread the dyeing use of these plants, which is not well known, and to awaken an interest in botany. Also, to recover the Rubia tincture which has such an important tradition in Castille.
The dying workshop cabin
The cabin that has become the dying workshop is placed inside the pine tree forest. Here is where we extract the pigments from the different plants and where we dye the threads from our natural dyed pieces.
The process
The creative process of ABBATTE products is slow and complex, requiring a high degree of technique and dedication. First we handpick the fibers and make a sample to see how the chosen fibers work together. We then separate the threads, arrange them parallel to each other, and tighten them on the loom (this makes the warp). Finally, we intertwine other threads over the parallel strands, slowly weaving together the textile. Once we finish the fabric, we cut and hand wash each piece and prepare it for the finishing touches.
The workshop
In ABBATTE’s workshop, we work with manual looms and natural fibers of the highest quality. Here, local weavers create, wash and finish all textile products.
The site
In the newly created space next to the monastery, ABBATTE offers courses, seminars and conferences on topics related to textiles, fashion, art, and the philosophy and science of color.

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In this space, we are also collecting a series of historical costumes in small size that illustrate the different periods that we have studied during our seminars.
With them we are creating a small collection that will go over the history of costume.