Terms and Conditions

Goods prices

Commodities prices that figure on the Web Site include the VAT and any other applicable taxes.

The shipping cost for the Products will be detailed when
purchasing on the Web and they run on the User.

ÁBBATTE reserves the right to modify the prices given on the Web Site at any time.

The shipping costs are shown when the purchase is effectuated, and they will be charged to the User, unless otherwise specified.

Items payment

The payment of the purchases price and the shipping cost which will be shown during the purchase process, will only be fulfilled through wire transfer.

Once the order carried out, the sale will only go through upon confirmation of payment through wire transfer.

All the expenses of the bank transfer will be paid by the client. (Both expenses at origin and destination).

Cancellation of the order

The User can proceed to the order cancellation before ÁBBATTE carried out the hereof shipment.

Once the term expired, the User will not be able to cancel its order without damaging the right of withdrawal that corresponds the User according to the established in the current General Conditions.

If the payment were to be made and charged to the User in the moment of effectuating the order cancellation, ÁBBATTE will proceed to the refund of the amount paid by the User as soon as possible and, in any case, within a maximum period of thirty (30) days since the annulment.

Delivery of products

The delivery will be made at the address indicated in the registration process or at the shipping address that the user has indicated during the purchase process within the Territory.

ÁBBATTE will not be hold accountable for the mistakes or prejudices caused in the delivery when the delivery address provided by the User does not match the desired place of delivery.

Return of goods

The user will enjoy a maximum time of three (03) working days from the delivery of the Product to cease, totally or partially, the purchase order, according to the applicable legislation.

In case of wanting to give back a product, money will not be refunded; a coupon with the same value as the products to be returned will be made. The coupon does not expire.

In order to claim any defect or damage, you will have 3 days from the delivery time of the parcel. Imperfections that are specific to hand-made items are not deemed as defects. In order to claim a defect, please send an email to info@abbatte.com and mention the purchase code.

Products that were made accordingly to the User’s specifications are not subjected to be returned.